Monday, February 21, 2011

(Whirl)winds of change

One of the first things Kim and I realized when we had a baby was that things When Kim was pregnant, a lot of people told us this would be the case, but like many things, you never truly understand until you've lived it.

Our little buddy - master of sitting up.
A lesson for all you new or soon-to-be-new parents: Don't get used to something your child does or doesn't do, because it won't take long for it to change.

Some recent changes with our 6 1/2-month old have brought this fact to light:
  • Within a span of a couple of days, Luke became a pro at sleeping through the night.

    He was always a good sleeper, typically only waking up once a night, but now, he goes 10 hours at least. This has greatly pleased his mother and father. Putting him down on his side helped. You can do this after six months after the risk of SIDS becomes nearly nonexistent.
  • Luke went from wearing 3-6 month clothes straight to 6-9 months, practically skipping the 6-month size altogether.

    Some outfits he only got to wear once, and some, he's already growing out of. We bought a new outfit for his 6-month pictures, and the dang thing probably only has one more wear in it before the shirt is too small.
  • We lowered his crib down a level this weekend - he's close to being able to pull himself up on the side, and I found him chewing on the side rail of the crib the other day.

    This change did not sit well with Kim. She was upset, because it was a very obvious sign that her little boy was getting bigger.
  • He's now eating yummy meats like chicken and turkey. Next up, beef and then macaroni and cheese!

    Not only that, but we recently started giving him little banana puffs for him to practice picking up small bits of food and putting them in his mouth. Yesterday, as if he'd done it for weeks, Luke picked up the first puff I gave him between his pointer finger and thumb, and stuffed it right in his mouth - easy as pie.
  • Luke is this close || from being able to crawl. We're almost mobile, and dad hasn't done any baby-proofing. Aaahhh!

    Right now though, he does this thing where he gets in a position like he's going to do baby push-ups. He can't quite figure out that to start moving forward, he has to move his hands. It's pretty funny to watch.
Baby pushups
  • Luke has found his "outside voice," and he loves to use it inside, particularly at dinner.

    Needless to say, Kim and I haven't been having a lot of peaceful, wind-down dinners. Rather, it's become more about shoving our food down so we can distract Luke from yelling at his toys and giving our cat the business. Whatever they did to offend him, I'll never know.
I know a lot of this seems trivial and insignificant to those of you who don't have children. But to a parent, it's huge. And besides, chances are this list is already obsolete, and it only took me 10 minutes to type.


  1. Truly laughing out loud over here in my little right-behind-you-guys universe. John is getting a little talkative, but he's not upset with any inanimate - or animate - objects quite yet. Hoping to see Luke in action this week. By then of course, he may have actually figured out forward motion. World, beware!

  2. Baby pushups! Well, at least Luke is able to get his workouts in. :)